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Finest Body weight Hamstring Workouts: Strengthen Your Leg Energy

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The hamstrings are a giant muscle group positioned within the posterior thigh area of the human physique. Many individuals are likely to solely carry out static stretches on them, which has its advantages, nevertheless, that you must incorporate some type of resistance coaching like body weight hamstring workout routines to get them robust and versatile.

Your hamstrings play a vital position in varied actions, corresponding to strolling, working, and leaping. Body weight workout routines are a wonderful strategy to strengthen your hamstring muscle tissue with out the necessity for particular tools.

This text will go over the most effective body weight hamstrings workout routines and a few of their advantages. 

The Finest Body weight Hamstring Workouts 

Here’s a listing of a mix of each newbie and intermediate-level body weight hamstring trains to provide the best outcomes.

Romanian Deadlift (RDL) 

The physique weight RDL is a good train that helps to enhance decrease physique energy and mobility.

This train entails hinging on the hips whereas with a slight bend of the knees~ this prompts the hamstrings, glutes, and decrease again muscle tissue. 


  1. To get into place arise tall and place your toes pointing ahead at shoulder width aside
  2. Give your knees a slight bend and shoot your hips backward, whereas imagining you’re choosing one thing off the bottom.
  3.  Decrease your higher physique till your finger is beneath your knees. Or simply till your hamstrings have reached their most vary of movement
  4.  Push your toes onto the bottom and slowly get again as much as the beginning place 
  5.  Purpose for 10 reps for 4 units. 

Key pointers:

  • Don’t over-bend your knees as you gained’t get the utmost stretch in your hamstrings and it’ll simply flip the motion right into a bizarre squat.
  • Preserve a flat again. With a rounded again, the strain will get targeted in your decrease again as a substitute of your legs.
  • Maintain your core tight and execute the motion slowly. You’ll really feel extra strain being inflicted in your hamstrings and glutes. 

Soar Squat (Intermediate)

Because it incorporates two actions, a squat, and a leap, it’s at an intermediate stage.

This body weight hamstring train entails beginning in a squat place after which exploding upwards, leaping as excessive as potential whereas holding correct type. 

The leap portion provides an explosives issue serving to construct energy to your hamstrings. 


  1.  To get into place, maintain your arms in entrance of you and place your toes a bit wider than your shoulders
  2.  Shift your weight in your heels and squat down with a impartial backbone (attempt to maintain your chest up excessive)
  3.  Maintain the squat place
  4.  Tighten your core and squeeze your glutes & quads
  5.  Push your physique upwards so your toes come off the bottom, whereas concurrently sending your arms backward to create momentum
  6.  Quickly as you land, bend your knees and immediately get again into the squat place for one more leap
  7.  Purpose for 10-15 reps for 3 units

Key pointers:

  • Because of the excessive depth of the jumps, it will create added drive, so When you’ve got current decrease physique or again issues, you may need to keep away from this motion.
  • If potential, execute the motion on a gentle floor to minimize the drive in your joints.
  • Extensively heat up your physique beforehand to attenuate accidents. 

Reverse Lunges 

One of many extra standard body weight hamstring workout routines, reverse lunges are a variation to your customary ahead strolling lunges.

One advantage of the reverse lunge is that your hamstrings are extra engaged in comparison with the ahead lunge, making it a greater possibility to focus on the hamstrings. 


  1.  Arise with toes shut collectively and place them beside you or in your hips
  2.  Place your weight onto one leg and together with your different leg take a step again
  3.  Whereas staying upright decrease your again knee till it’s simply above the bottom
  4.  Press your entrance foot all the way down to get your physique again up and push your again foot again into the beginning place
  5.  Purpose for 10-15 reps (per leg) for 3-5 units

 Key pointers:

  • Your entrance knee and toe needs to be in keeping with one another and each needs to be pointing ahead.
  • Your stride shouldn’t be small or big, it must be someplace within the center. Everybody’s physique construction is totally different so that you must mess around to see what feels proper.
  • Don’t cheat by taking place solely midway, your again knees needs to be as near the bottom as potential.

Crab Stroll (Intermediate)

One of many sillier-looking body weight hamstring workout routines, crab walks works on varied issues corresponding to energy, cardio, physique coordination, and stabilization~ making it a funny-looking however glorious type of exercise.

Its distinctive motion additionally provides a playful twist to your exercise routine. 


  1. Sit down on the ground together with your palms and toes positioned flat on the bottom (Your palms needs to be positioned simply behind your hips)
  2. Carry your physique off the ground utilizing your arms and toes
  3. The way you step is similar as the way you usually stroll, you progress your reverse limbs collectively. So When you stepping together with your proper foot, it needs to be then your left hand transferring ahead
  4. Proceed to stroll for a sure period of time 

Key pointers:

  • Don’t sway your hips, maintain them in place.
  • If you’re a newbie it may be difficult to carry your physique up and stroll round, to make it simpler to maintain your glutes near the bottom.
  • Attempt to maintain your arms stacked beneath your shoulders for higher steadiness. 

Good Mornings

It is a easy motion to carry out, making it one of many most well-liked body weight hamstring workout routines for newbies.

Much like the RDL, this additionally entails a hip hinging movement, thus working in your posterior chain and giving your hamstrings an incredible stretch for improved energy & flexibility


  1. Arise with each arms behind your head and toes shoulder-width aside
  2. Tighten your core and embrace a slight bend in your knees
  3. Push your glutes again and decrease higher physique
  4. Go as far down as your physique permits with out rounding your again
  5. Drive your hips ahead to carry your again as much as the beginning place and squeeze your glutes
  6. Purpose for 10 reps for 4 units 

Key pointers:

  • Don’t overbend your knees, it will take the strain off your hamstrings.
  • Have interaction your core all through the train, it will assist stabilize your higher physique.
  • Keep in mind you’re hip hinging, so faux you are attempting to the touch a wall behind you together with your buttocks. 

Bulgarian Cut up Squat (Intermediate)

This body weight hamstring train requires you to face with one foot in entrance of the opposite and elevate the again foot on a bench or any elevated gentle floor.

Since you’re continuously on one foot, this places a difficult stabilizing factor making it a tough train.  


  1. Stand round 2 toes away out of your elevated floor
  2. Place one foot on the floor~ for this you will be both in your toes or have your ankle joint on the fringe of the floor
  3. Switch your physique weight onto your entrance leg and discover your heart of steadiness
  4. Progressively decrease your physique by bending your entrance knee 
  5. Push your entrance toes all the way down to drive your physique as much as the beginning place
  6. Purpose for 8-10 reps per leg for 3 units  

Key pointers:

  • Your again foot is barely there for supporting you with steadiness, so all of your weight needs to be concentrated in your entrance leg.
  • Consider your entrance knees don’t collapse or out, they need to keep in keeping with your toe pointing ahead
  • The elevated floor shouldn’t be any greater than your hip joint. 

Single-Leg Glute Bridge 

It is a variation to the traditional glute bridge, and each of them will be carried out proper from the consolation of your property

Nevertheless, doing this body weight hamstring train with a single leg will activate your hamstrings greater than doing them usually as they are going to be required to steadiness your physique at a better fee.


  1. Lay flat on the ground together with your arms beside your physique palms down
  2. Deliver your heels round 5 inches away out of your fingers. Make your toes keep planted on the bottom
  3. Carry one leg excessive up. You may maintain them straight or have a bend in your knees, each are superb
  4. Drive your planted toes all the way down to ship your hips up towards the sky and pause for just a few seconds
  5. Progressively decrease your hips and take a deep breath for one more rep
  6. Purpose for 10-12 reps in every leg for 3-4 units

Key pointers:

  • Don’t hyperextend your decrease again when driving your hips up. cue is your hips ought to keep under your knees.
  • Use your heels and never your toes to push your hip up.
  • Your higher again ought to keep planted on the ground all through the train. 

What Is The Perform Of The Hamstrings?

To know how these body weight hamstring workout routines may help us, we should always first study a bit about hamstring physiology. Your hamstrings are composed of three totally different muscle tissue:

  • Biceps femoris
  • Semitendinosus
  • Semimembranosus

The principle accountability of the hamstrings is to bend your knee joint permitting your legs to maneuver backward

That is vital as it’s wanted for a variety of actions, from strolling and working to leaping, kicking, and plenty of fitness center exercises. It additionally acts as a dynamic stabilizer throughout these actions, serving to to regulate and coordinate the motion of the legs.

Along with flexing the knee, the hamstrings additionally prolong the hip joint. That is vital for actions like working, the place the hip joint is concerned in energy era and ahead propulsion.

Collectively, these features assist to assist each decrease physique energy and mobility, making the hamstrings a important part for total bodily well being.

Amongst athletes, frequent accidents they encounter are associated to their hamstrings, subsequently it’s essential to incorporate hamstring energy coaching. 

What Are The Advantages Of Coaching Hamstrings?

A muscle that’s tucked away behind the physique will be simply forgotten about.

Being out of sight doesn’t imply it holds much less worth~ here’s a listing of advantages of coaching your hamstrings:

1. Improved posture

Enhancing hamstring energy via coaching can have a constructive impact on your posture.

Because of the means the hamstring muscle tissue connect to the pelvis, tightness may cause an anterior pelvic tilt, which might result in poor posture and again ache.

By strengthening the hamstrings, they’ll counteract this pelvic tilt thus giving them the right alignment. 

2. Improved Athletic Efficiency

As hamstrings are wanted for all frequent motions corresponding to working, leaping, and altering instructions.

Subsequently, buying a pair of robust hamstrings will significantly improve your energy and stability throughout explosive actions

As well as, coaching the hamstrings may even assist to scale back the chance of damage throughout these actions.

3. Alleviate Again Ache

Having tight hamstrings generally is a contributing issue to decrease again ache.

Because the hamstrings are connected to the pelvis, important tightness may end up in the pelvis tilting backward.

This disturbs the pure curve of the decrease again, placing elevated strain on the lumbar backbone and muscle tissue~ resulting in emotions of discomfort or ache. 

4. Cut back The Likelihood Of Harm

The probabilities of damage are nonetheless there even if you’re not an athlete.

Simply working round together with your canine or just accelerating to cross the street, can result in an damage with a pair of weak hamstrings.

Because the hamstrings are chargeable for stabilizing the knee and supporting the decrease physique, it’s arduous to seek out many each day actions that exclude them. 


Hamstrings take part in lots of features of your each day life with out you figuring out. For this reason it’s essential to get them beneath rigidity via energy coaching.

You gained’t require any particular tools, all you want is a few motivation and willpower to have an incredible exercise.

By performing these body weight hamstring workout routines, not solely your hamstrings will get robust however so will the opposite decrease half muscle tissue.

Make certain to not overdo it, this may fatigue your muscle tissue. Coaching them twice every week is a protected place to begin to see how your physique reacts.

Take it gradual and give attention to perfecting your varieties and the good points will quickly come knocking in your door.

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